Between the 19th and the 21st of October 2021, the second study trip to Ruma, Serbia was organized for the partners in the project Refugees Economic Integration through Social Entrepreneurship (REINSER).

The purpose of the trip was to explore the possibilities of transferring the identified best practices in the field of integrating refugees through social entrepreneurship in host societies of ADRION programme area. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, some of the participants joined the panels and discussions online.

Three workshops and a panel were organized on the first day of the study trip, within which the project partners discussed how the six partner states are tackling employability of migrants, the legal framework for migrants’ entrepreneurship and the potentials for further development of social economy, specifically in Serbia. The first panel gave insights into local responses to refugees’ integration in Serbia, especially the initiatives of Red Crosses in Vojvodina during the migrants’ crisis.

The second day of the study trip started with a panel presenting six best social enterprises in Serbia and other partner states, after which the possibilities of their transferability from one partner country to another were discussed. The project partners carried on with visiting Texeco, the textile recycling company in Sremska Mitrovica.

Social entrepreneurship from a different and a wider perspective, a panel divided into three sections, marked the third day of the study trip, and it mainly gave insights into the ways of starting and running a social enterprise. Finally, the last day of the study trip produced detailed information on institutional conditions and opportunities for social entrepreneurship.

REInSER brings together eight project partners from academia, business support organisations and local authorities gathering different expertise, knowledges and skills in six countries of the ADRION area, namely, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, BiH, Serbia and Croatia.

The main objective of REInSER is to improve the economic and consequently wider integration of refugees and asylum seekers in host societies of ADRION programme area, by using approaches of social economy, in particular social entrepreneurship.