Call for Abstracts

Economic and social integration of asylum seekers and refugees through

 social entrepreneurship

International Conference for sharing best practices

University of Bologna, 10 March 2022


In the framework of the ADRION Interreg project REInSER, the Departments of Political and Social Sciences and Management of the University of Bologna invite contributions for the International Conference on sharing best practices on theoretical and policy approaches to the integration of refugees and asylum seekers through social entrepreneurship.

Contributions are welcome from senior and junior scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and all those who work or have an interest on the theme of the Conference.

A non-exhaustive list of potential topics: 

  • Opportunities and challenges of integrating asylum seekers and refugees through Social Entrepreneurship;
  • Opportunities and issues for the transferability of initiatives of Social Entrepreneurship;
  • Enhancement of refugees’ skills and participation in decision making: diversity as an added value in social entrepreneurship? Opportunities and challenges;
  • Methodological challenges for the analysis of initiatives of economic integration of asylum seekers and refugees through Social Entrepreneurship;
  • Financial tools for Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Social innovation for the inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers;
  • Institutional, cultural, and economic barriers and drivers for social entrepreneurship.

The deadline to submit the proposal is 30th January 2022. Abstracts should be max. 500 words, and clearly indicate the author(s), the affiliation as well as the methods and main argument.

Abstract should be sent to the Scientific committee:

Marco Zoppi (

Silvia Cittadini (

Francesco Savoia (

Daniela Bolzani (


For more information please visit REINSER – conference call